Case Study 1:

$9 Million in 9 Months

paid ads, email marketing

The challenge

  • Organization and campaign management

  • Maintaining brand power

  • Combatting ad saturation

The result

  • Systemised workloads

  • Brand mission congruent with marketing

  • Fresh and highly effective creatives

  • $1m p/m reliable revenue figures

What you will learn from this case study…

✅ Why systemizing workloads is essential for growth

✅ How to make sure you don't lose brand strength

✅ How to plan and launch new and effective creatives


This business is structured as a giveaway company meaning that buying a product from the website would automatically enter you into winning a large prize. You will see in the Shopify screenshot above that these giveaway campaigns are run on and off. This means that revenue was not consistent but rather worked periodically.

For example, one giveaway would run for 6 weeks and there would be a 4-week break before running the next one. By nature, the business had a large number of complexities so we took a very systemised approach to minimise any issues caused by this. An extremely high volume of new marketing was required and this is how we tackled it…

Campaign Management

Every week, this business would change its offering. For example… At the start of the giveaway campaign, the offer would be ‘buy one get one free. The week after would be ‘15% off sitewide’

This rapid change in offerings would mean new creatives and copy angles every 7 days.

A high turnover of content and other marketing assets led us to create a management machine which kept every team member accountable for meeting deliverables. We aimed for 7 new video creatives every week with 7 pictures to accommodate. Each creative was scripted using effective frameworks and sent to the client to produce 2 weeks in advance. Additionally, 3 email campaigns were sent out each week.

We decided to create a management dashboard. Each member of the team had access to this dashboard to stay informed of essential deadlines. This dashboard had an additional positive effect in that it helped us with tracking results. We would replicate highly effective campaigns in the following giveaways. And storing this data meant we could quickly figure out which offer yielded the best results on an ongoing basis.

Combatting Brand Dilution

Naturally, with such a high level of creative assets, businesses run the risk of diluting their brand. Each ad iteration has the potential to lose brand messaging and therefore effectiveness. A brand guidance document was an essential tool for developing marketing assets. This ensured that every aspect of our marketing (FB ads, Email copy, Keywords, Video style) Was absolutely on point with the desired effect.

8 Figure Ad Frameworks

Scripting and designing highly effective video ads come with plenty of experience and marketing psychology. In the majority of our ads, we use 2 main frameworks.

  1. A.I.D.A

Attention, Interest, Desire, Action

  1. P.A.S

Problem, Agitate, Solution

These frameworks are a good starting block for video ad scripting. They have a proven methodology so we use them as frequently as possible.

After nailing the ad scripts we alter and test hundreds of different hooks. The ‘Hook’ is the first 2 seconds of a video which is directly responsible for grabbing people's attention on social platforms.

An ad is often a story of your product or customer. One of the best ways to start a story is through the ‘struggle’. This allows you to represent how a product can fix the user's need. Or better yet, change their lives.


Tightly managed operations will have an extremely positive effect on your brand. Organisation in all aspects of your marketing will allow you to understand the root cause of your success and double down on what works.

Brand messaging is the overarching factor that determines success… Creating a brand sheet means you can stick to creating ad assets that actually work.

Utilising proven ad frameworks will allow you to scale without gambling. Tiny iterations on a proven angle will give ad accounts new life and allow even further success.

Case Study 2:

$0 to $1m in Less Than a Year

paid ads, email marketing

The challenge

  • Developing effective omnichannel marketing campaigns

  • Overcoming major tracking issues

  • Increasing customer lifetime value

The result

  • 800% revenue increase

  • Increased profitability

  • Systemised marketing funnel for long term growth

What you will learn from this case study…

✅ The importance of building omnichannel marketing campaigns

✅ Why double attribution could be killing your profit margins and how to fix tracking issues.

✅ How to capitalise on your customer base more effectively than ever before.

✅ How to introduce massive offer scarcity without annoying your customers


We started working with this brand at the beginning of May 2021 just as the lockdown was easing across the US. This business primarily sells sports clothing and equipment to the US and UK markets.

In our prescriptive analysis phase for this client, we noticed a severe lack of congruity across marketing channels, ad-hock discounts, little campaign planning and poor creative attention across every platform.

A key focus for this brand was profitability at the highest possible level... We knew that with our campaign management team, e-mail marketing specialists and growth hacking techniques there was serious progress to be made.


The business simply did not have the time, experience or resources to implement a harmonious marketing strategy. So our first action point was to plan out 3 months of proven and effective campaigns.

It made perfect sense for our team to gain control of every aspect of the brand's marketing… Facebook ads, Google ads, TikTok ads, e-mail marketing, ad graphics creation, ad video scripting and landing page builds.

Making the marketing congruent across each platform caused an instant improvement in results. And we saw a revenue increase of over 100% in a matter of 2 weeks. Omnichannel marketing has a compound effect and each platform works more effectively when combined and budget is allocated correctly.


Allocating budget in the correct place is essential for predictable growth and so we use tools like Triple Whale to monitor the true success of our campaigns. There were large discrepancies between the Facebook, Google ad dashboard and our tracking software so after making a few decisions based on the truest point of attribution our revenue and overall results improved.

Double attribution is a major problem that E-com businesses face as the majority of good marketing agencies work on a commission basis. Our tracking guarantees that no double attribution takes place which means that not only is our ad data more accurate (Allowing us to make better marketing decisions) but were not charging over the odds for double attribution across multiple platforms.


After taking a broader view of the marketing funnel we noticed a huge pool of past customers that were not being leveraged. A famous law of marketing is that 80% of your sales come from 20% of your customers.

So we built out a VIP e-mail system.

A VIP system essentially segments out the top 20% of your customers and treats them with discounts, offers, new product drops and much more. This means that brand loyalty skyrockets which increases lifetime value and ultimately results in way more profit. We initiated this system just a few weeks into our partnership with this brand and the e-mail revenue jumped from 16% to 33% in a matter of days.


Scarcity and urgency are tools that can be implemented into most brands without upsetting your potential customers… It just needs to be used at the right time and in the right place. Audience segmentation across all platforms allows us to increase the relevancy of an offer to the potential customer. For example… We can create a list of potential customers that were extremely close to pulling the trigger on a sale and fire hyper relevant offers to them across each of our marketing channels.

This level of attention and proactivity is required for brands hoping to achieve respectable numbers. We call these marketing campaigns and events ‘revenue squeezes’ and they were achieving close to $20k per day for each campaign.


Above everything, a focus on new creatives and angles was the main driver behind this brand's success. Developing a successful creative format was essential for us to understand where we could double down our marketing dollars. A successful creative format can be iterated on, over and over again.

The way people are consuming content has changed vividly from just a few years ago and now UGC content combined with dynamic ads are leading the charge with our results. This led us to develop our script writing team to ensure ads were extremely compelling and up to date with trends. We also built out a video editing department in order to re-use and develop more creatives from single video shoots, this reduced the cost of video production and massively increased our ad ROAS.


Having a clear roadmap and expected destination helps us smash deliverables when they need to be executed.

This brand struggled to escape its state of entropy and needed a clear plan of action combined with new-age marketing techniques to scale to the next level.

Brands need to be conscious of upcoming marketing opportunities as the landscape for DTC changes so frequently. A small shift in creative strategy and platform led us to increase this brand's revenue and overall profitability of the business.

even further success.

Case Study 3:

We Spent $2.3m in 90 Days at 6.5x ROAS

paid ads

The challenge

  • Scale and maintain large ad budgets whilst battling ad fatigue

  • Develop brand positioning for increased customer response

  • Market and scale internationally

The result

  • 527% Revenue increase from the previous year

  • Increasing returning customer rate to 21%

  • Achieving a 24-hour sales record of $364k

What you will learn from this case study…

✅ Why branding is essential for next-level growth

✅ How to broaden your market internationally

✅ How to structure FB ad accounts for rapid scaling

✅ How to leverage new opportunities when they appear


When we first started working with this brand we initially performed prescriptive analysis (PA). PA allows us to gain a full understanding of what marketing techniques had been previously used to scale the business to a respectable monthly revenue of just over $1m.

In addition, our research showed us exactly where our focus needed to be in order to increase ad spend with a profitable return. Ultimately this is what led to our decision-making process that increased revenue by 5X.


A big focus for this brand right before we began to scale spending was to nail the branding. A store will make you a million but a brand will make you a billion. At Affluent we are strong believers that your lifetime value metrics will depend greatly on the message that your brand portrays.

This brand sells clothing and accessories to the blue-collar niche so we wanted to make sure that our messaging was authentic to the day to day work of the blue-collar marketplace. We did multiple branding days with the business to nail down the mission statement of the company. Once the mission statement was in place we could make sure that our marketing across all platforms was aligned with that statement. That's when results started to explode.

International Scaling

During our analysis phase, we discovered that there was an untapped marketplace in Mexico. The product and brand were a perfect fit and so we decided to launch ads and email campaigns by translating the language to Spanish. With our ads, we decided to keep the targeting completely broad and the Facebook algorithm rewarded us for doing so.

8 Figure Ad Account

We have spent the past few years trialling new Facebook ad account structures to allow us to scale as aggressively as possible. Our most impactful strategy called the ‘Bid Mitigation Strategy’ was used in this business which ultimately allowed us to scale spend to new heights.

The bid mitigation strategy is structured in the following way…

1X ABO Campaign per country (For testing)

1X CBO Campaign (Scaling)

1X Minimum ROAS campaign (Maintaining)

1X Cost Cap Campaign (Stabilising)

In essence, this ad account structure means we can play campaigns off each other and make sure they achieve a minimum profitable ROI. Each ad campaign uses a different bid strategy and so is made responsible for achieving the desired result as we continuously increase the budget.

Of course, the ad account structure is not just the only aspect of a successful marketing funnel… An effective and reliable flow of new content is key to scaling without encountering ad fatigue. We are currently writing 7 new ad scripts and pieces of copy every week to launch relentless testing to maintain the massive growth.

Omnichannel Expansion

With all of our clients, we are constantly looking at new ways to increase profitability and scale at TOF. TikTok is currently a goldmine of opportunity for brands to break into and with the proper guidance can be extremely lucrative.

With our current success on Facebook for this brand, we decided to tweak the video ads into a TikTok style format. With just a few minor changes, we turned on the tap of another highly profitable TOF source.

Omnichannel marketing is often the end game for large companies like this. As Facebook and TikTok progressed… We then took control of all marketing channels for the business. Including, FB, Insta, TikTok, Google ads, Email marketing, CRO, and Ad content editing.


There is a multitude of techniques that need the implementation to scale brands to 8 figures.

Each marketing platform has certain nuances that require true specialist capabilities to achieve good results. Advancing each one of these specialisms must remain the sole focus of marketing in order to scale and maintain competitiveness.

We work with start-up businesses

through to global organizations.